Enzyme No Rinse Floor Cleaner

EZ Mop – 4/1 Gallon Case

Item # HKM02

EZ Mop is a no-rinse enzyme assisted floor cleaner for daily cleaning and degreasing of multiple types of water-safe flooring. Its unique blend of surfactants and enzymes penetrate through pourous tile and grout, leaving a clean surface.


  1. Wipe up all spills and sweep floor
  2. Mix 4 ounces of EZ Mop per gallon of warm water into a mop bucket.
  3. Apply solution liberally to floor using a mop and allow solution to penetrate soils.
  4. Brush floor as needed.
  5. Mop up excess solution or squeegee into floor drain.
  6. Do not rinse. Allow floor to air dry.
  7. Discard mop water down troubled floor drains to reduce grease buildup.