Radiance 5 Gallon

Premium Manual Pot & Pan Dish Wash Detergent

Radiance 5 Gallon Pail

Item # WWD06

Radiance is a concentrated, lemon scented, high foaming manual dishwashing liquid based on nonpetroleum, readily biodegradable surfactants. It is highly effective in penetrating and cleaning tough food and grease soils on pots, pans, dishes, glassware and flatware.


With Dispenser:

  1. Set dispenser to dilute 1:128 ratio of detergent to water (1 oz./gal.).
  2. Place dispenser hose into the mouth of the bottle/pail and allow product to feed through.
  3. If product is too thick, increase the dilution ratio or the water flow rate.
  4. Increase the dilution as needed for tougher grease.

For Bottle Refill:

  1. Pour roughly 2 – 4 oz. of product into a sink load of water.
  2. Continue washing as normal.